We are very proud of our work. Generous thanks from some of our clients.

Thank you for everything yesterday, the flowers and design of the room were AMAZEBALLS!!! The heart was SO awesome, I loved everything. You totally went over and and above, we were so happy. And the mini pineapples rocked my world :))


Bobbilee!! The room looked truly incredible. I knew you’d be good, but that was absolutely beyond all expectation. Just wonderful. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

xx Ben

My dearest Clarence,

It has been nigh on four weeks since you graced our halls with your stylish artistry. How I have missed the effortless placement of eclectic objects, the quirks, the oddities, the colours – all perfectly arranged in a compositional contrivance to still my beating heart. Clarence, with each passing hour I recall with grand fondness the way in which you made our most salubrious of occasions into a visual feast for all who attended. Whilst the walls of our rustic factory may have been adorned with the most excellent of artworks from artists far and wide, it was you, Clarence, with flower, frond and fabulous fun who made the image of our night together unforgettable. I am minded of an idiom so oft quoted by my great mentors in style and design; “Trust the Artist”. Thus they said, and thus I gave my trust unto you dear Clarence, and for this great trust you rewarded me.

Love, Yarra Valley Open Studios

“Perfect, every flower, every placement and every jar/vase was beyond perfect. People could not stop talking about how beautiful the place looked and how refreshing not to have that “wedding flower” look. Hope we can stay in touch and we will be recommending you to everyone. Don’t know if the sweet peas were intentional, but that is our puppies name and my favourite flower!”

Love Jane, Susie, Scotty and the whole family xxxx

More testimonials coming very shortly.